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Alternative Electrolytes

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In the process of creating oxygen through ceramic electrolysis zirconia and ceria are the main electrolytes used. However, additional possibilities for improving operating conditions and overall efficiency include: Bi2O3, (Bi2O3).75(Y2O3).25, Ce.8Gd.2O1.9, (La2O3).95(SrO).05, and multiple zirconia including compounds such as: (ZrO2).9(Y2O3).1, (ZrO2).9(Sc2O3).1, (ZrO2).87(CaO).13, Zr2Gd2O7, and Zr2Sm2O7.

A graph comparing operational temperatures and output conductivity of these compounds can be found on page six of this document: [1]

Thin films of La1.61GeO5−δ have been found to be highly conductive even at lower temperatures.

Martian Sources of These Compounds

Research pending