[edit] This site was an experiment and as of April 7th, 2009 is no longer accepting changes. It is kept up for archival and reference purposes. New work is ongoing in the direction of having a Pointrel Social Semantic Desktop instead of a Halo Semantic MediaWiki.

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Our main gateway to the OpenVirgle Project is our web page at http://www.openvirgle.net. It provides links to the major activities that make up Project OpenVirgle

The main OSCOMAK/OpenVirgle community currently consists of a Google Group forum. Most active project discussion happens there, as well as discussions about what to do next.

Our main project right now, is the accumulation of expertise and information in this OSCOMAK/OpenVirgle Wiki.

There is also a Google Code Project, run by Paul Fernhout which houses our software based simulations, and other software experiments.

Our goal is the aggregation of information, so everyone's opinion counts! We welcome all comments and suggestions, and especially welcome additions to our pool of knowledge. Please come on in, and see where you can help. Join our Google Group forum and talk to us, or add or modify the information here in the Wiki, or if you need anything else, you can contact any of the Project Leads: