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As these things go, this project is still in the very early stages, and lacking a staff lawyer, pardon the lack of official wording for this...

Right now, all entries to the Wiki are governed under the GNU FDL (Free Doc License). What this means in short is that in addition to the usual Wiki warnings about not being surprised or upset if your additions are edited unmercifully, all of your additions to the wiki are also considered public domain, and are free for use by anyone who wants to, for whatever purpose they want. This may seem a bit liberal, or even dangerous, but free and open-source software and other projects have been the basis of many successful ventures, including Wikipedia itself, and the Firefox browser.

So, if you have any questions, you can direct them to me (Doram), and I will try to get an answer to you. Otherwise, wish us luck on finding a lawyer willing to donate some time... ;)