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Martian Colony Overview

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This is an outline, please help us by filling in anything you can.

Mars is the closest planet to Earth and has relatively similiar characteristics. It also has many on site resources that can be utilized including an atmosphere , minerals, and solar energy. See the wikipedia page on Mars for basic physical characteristics: [1] The basic concerns for creating a Martian colony are very similiar to that of colonizing any other body. Aspects of a colony would need to include the following.

For general information on Mars:


ISRU Manufacturing

The fewer goods that need to be imported, the more economic an extraterrestrial colony becomes. The ISRU Processes category can be used to find articles about these specic processes

Raw Material Obtaining/Processing

Mars has a completely different mineralogical makeup than earth. Processes for obtaining materials need to be completely redesigned to be efficient using Martian materials and when working conditions are confined to the harsh Martian environment. Look in the category raw materials for articles with the property "present on Mars=true" to find relevent materials.

Food Production

Research needs to be done to determine which plants are good candidates for Mars, how they can be bread or genetically engineered to our advantage, and how ISRU Greenhouses can be built.

Human Nutrition

Humans need a variety of elements. Research needs to be done to see where these resources can be optimaly obtained and recycled. This can be done through in vitro meat, studying the nutritional requirements of premature babies via pubmed (especially pubmedcentral), and human input requirements.

Human Physiological Needs

At 1/3 earth gravity, a lot more exercise is needed. Super extreme sports, perhaps? Other conditions such as the absence of gases that are in small amounts here on earth such as argon need to be evaluated and reconciled.

Internal Gas Regulation

Research needs to determine what native resources can best prevent gas escape. Natural and automated cycles for gas regulation need to be evaluated.


Microbes can help reclaim a lot of the organic materials we use. All inorganic materials should also try to be reclaimed.

Radiation Shielding

Without a magnetic field or thick atmosphere, many dangerous particles get to the surface. Building underground and utilizing novel materials to block radiation can help.

Power Production

Though Mars recieves considerably less solar energy than earth, it is still one of the options for power production. Nuclear is often considered as well.

Basic Structural Layout

Which buildings are underground? Which above? Exactly what buildings needed to be built at what specifications?

Getting There

Getting Back

Getting There and Back Again, on a Regular Basis

Eventualy having regular, cheap, exchange of people and goods would be beneficial to both Earth and Mars.


Terraformation is the process of making Mars earth like through large scale alterations to the atmosphere and other conditions. Common ideas include mirrors to warm the atmosphere, production of greenhouse gases, and the importaion of large bodies such as comets