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Plant Requirements

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Hopefully, most plant nutrients can be recycled; but perfect retension is impossible. Therefore, for a habitat to be truly self-sufficient the nutrients would need to be replaced eventually using local resources. The presence of these elements, how they can be extracted, and how they can be processed should be researched. For rare elements that are used for other applications, the effect of a less than optimal concentrations should be researched. Knowing the required nutrients is also necessary for designing a Hydroponics System. All nutrients are usually in ionic inorganic form.

Ideally, each species of plant should have either a table or graph showing how each requirement effects the level of production, as well as other affected variables, in order to weigh resource conservation with productivity.

From wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plant_nutrition

Major nutrients include:

Minor Nutrients:

Gas Requirements

Research needs to be done to determine the ideal concentrations of gaseous substances. Also the optimal pressure should be found for each plant.

It should be noted that gaseous oxygen is required in somewhat large concentration for plants to efficiently undergo Aerobic Cellular Respiration.