[edit] This site was an experiment and as of April 7th, 2009 is no longer accepting changes. It is kept up for archival and reference purposes. New work is ongoing in the direction of having a Pointrel Social Semantic Desktop instead of a Halo Semantic MediaWiki.

Reported Errors

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If you come across a bug and want to make sure thats not the way it's supposed to work, check here: http://halowiki.ontoprise.de/halowiki/index.php/Main_Page

- Search for unannotated gardening tool doesn't do anything and cannot be stopped. (update: the tool has been stopped, I don't know if it is functional now - As far as I can tell, the annotate tab doesn't work; use the edit tab instead.

- When inserting properties or other semantics automatically you may need to manually insert an end bracket.

- The semantic editer neither starts a new line or follows the text after a line is complete(could just be my computer) FIX: click the "switch between syntax highlighted and standard editor". This doesn't immediately take effect, you may need to exit the article and return.

- Error when trying to add a property to a query, possibly rendering the whole query interface worthless.

- When "open" is clicked in the ontology browser the main page comes up.

Page Deletion Requests

If you create a page that needs to be deleted for ease of navigation, request it here.

Alternative electrolytes (the one with the lower case e) Half Reactions (just the article, not the properties:half reactions)