[edit] This site was an experiment and as of April 7th, 2009 is no longer accepting changes. It is kept up for archival and reference purposes. New work is ongoing in the direction of having a Pointrel Social Semantic Desktop instead of a Halo Semantic MediaWiki.


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The societal engineering knowledge database (skdb) is work in progress by Bryan Bishop towards a group of programs to aggregate, store, present, and process clusters of engineering knowledge, described as 'packages' in analogy to linux software management tools like APT, yum, CPAN, rpm, etc.. It is a distributed infrastructure design under development geared towards open source manufacturing knowledge, well-defined projects, the interface to automated (reconfigurable) machinery, and collaborating on projects that, if semantically structured, will lead to the design of self-replicating machines.

Skdb plans

Skdb might be like a distributed version of this wiki, only much better, someday. But we can get started right now adding semantic content to this wiki. At some point it could get imported into SKDB.

The todo for the moment:
  • update the agx-get script
  • standards re: metadata specs (in yaml) for different types of projects
  • agx-make and compiling scripted events into machine-environment-configured executable steps (via a modified cupsd system).
  • Ben Lipkowitz is working on autospec, the project feasability validator based off of [www.gnu.org/software/units/ gnu units].
  • Real TODO: finalize plans on where to dump stuff on the user's system, what directories are good/bad?
    • Then: agx-get.py will be mostly complete, autospec is the next step, check more detailed roadmap here.



  • ikiwiki (Joey Hess, who, interestingly enough, also worked on debconf, a part of the debian package management system)
  • git (distributed metarepository)
    • gittorrent? (Ben's idea)
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