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Space Habitats

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Taken from the transhumanist technical roadmap:


Space Habitats

  • Space Habitats in Orion's Arm
  • Open air space habitats - "A home in space need not be the enclosed volume usually described in most movies, books and articles. If a strong enough material is used, a rotating cylinder can be so large that it holds an entire atmosphere against its inner surface." (Forrest Bishop
  • Ideally, we should be able to house people or at least plants in space habitats.

Rotating paired Module Habitats

Stanford Torus

Bernal Sphere

O'Neill Cylinders

Bishop Rings

McKendree Habitat

Plant panels

Surface area used with either algae or plants or other photosynthetic organisms with automated deployment of water and other nutrients, as well as automated harvesting of hydrocarbons. This would essentially be many thousands of square kilometers of grass.