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Mike Harris

Mike is an all around good guy, and has helped out wherever he could at every opportunity. As part of the younger half of OpenVirgle, he provides fresh insight and youthful optimism wherever he goes.

What Mike Does

Chemistry Authority: Semantic MediaWiki Plus

Mike's OpenVirgle Google Group Profile

One of the founding members, Mike has contributed greatly to the initial round of information collection, here at OpenVirgle, and has contributed to many discussions on the back end development of the site.

Oh, and Mike, I really would rather you write this, and you can feel free to chuck all of this if you want, but please keep the two headers for consistency's sake. I just wanted something up for linking to.

Haha, I haven't actually clicked on my profile until now, but it all looks good. Thanks though, it doesn't sound egotistical when someone else is saying it :-)