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Bryan Bishop

Resident mad scientist and programmer extrordinaire, Bryan keeps us all on our toes, with a deep knowledge of programming lore, a good dose of high-minded egalitarian philosophy, and a desire to see the utmost extremes of reality that science can provide...

What Bryan Does

Project Leader: SKDB

Bryan's OpenVirgle Google Group Profile

One of the founding members, Bryan has contributed heavily to the theory and practice of what the heck we are doing here, both in terms of his programming efforts on the SKDB project, and in discussion over all other aspects of OpenVirgle. He is a talented and knowledgable young man, with a bright career ahead of him, here at OpenVirgle, and in all else he does.

See his web site: http://heybryan.org/ And his blog: http://heybryan.org/~bbishop/cgi-bin/blosxom.cgi/

Oh, and Bryan, I really would rather you write this, and you can feel free to chuck all of this if you want, but please keep the two headers for consistency's sake. I just wanted something up for linking to.